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Real Estate Resource Center Terms and conditions
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The Real Estate Resource center is a synergistic, noncompetitive shared work environment, designed to support Brokers, Realtors and Affiliates to succeed!
We have a few terms and conditions to follow to make sure we keep this creative supportive space successful:
1. All memberships may be cancelled at any time with a 30 day notice please go to www.realestateresourcecenters.com settings and subscription tab to cancel your membership.
2. We are a shared office space. Please be respectful at all times to those around you
3. Conference rooms must be booked in order to reserve them for client meetings only
4. Please only use the conference room for meetings with your client’s and or multiple persons.
5. Please keep all group meetings in the conference room to a maximum of 2 hours. If you need more time please get approval from Wendy Whitelaw or Kurt Ecclefield for additional time or use of another space.
6. Training room use is for certain level ues only and must be approved prior to reservation
7. Any speaker or host of a regularly scheduled meeting must be a member.
8. Members will be given a security code to enter the front door.
9. Each member is responsible for their own office supplies including printer and communication equipment
10. All members are required to keep their working area clean and clean up after clients use as well. This includes washing your own or your client’s dishes if used.
11. The sharing or the use of any discriminatory or offensive objects or words will be cause for immediate release from membership with no refunds, prorated or otherwise.
12. No soliciting other members or their associates. If you are found to be soliciting other agents or affiliates, this will be cause for immediate release from membership with no refunds, prorated or otherwise.
13. Please do not interrupt other members while they are in meetings or in conversation. This includes private office space member’s.